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Sculpture - 2019

Protocol: This is a domino table on which spectators can play a game. The work is illuminated by a red light. The dominoes are inscribed with the manifesto alphabet of the parietist movement (a cultural movement launched in 2019). The origin of this alphabet comes from Kandinsky's theory of simple forms. It is the support of the manifest work of the parietist movement. Parietism is a cultural movement, a humanitarian tool that aims to allow a return to reality through a new system of graphics determined by the artist. Thanks to parietism, the artist sets a limit to the spectacular present in society and adds the shapes of his mind to say. Through parity, we give way to the expression of a cultural diversity carried by the individual within the collective space. Since the origin of the world, Man has been inscribed in the simple forms that surround him (circle, triangle, square / point, line, plane) to organize his existence. They alone constitute the reality of the world in which we live. As Kandinsky said, movements envelop us. A set of vertical and horizontal lines and lines, leaning by movement in different directions, a set of colourful tasks that agglomerate and disperse with a sometimes acute, sometimes severe resonance. We have the possibility to penetrate the work, to become active and to experience its pulsation through all our senses. Here, it is all about that, through the domino, it is time for the individual to build his own architecture of thought. It is time for him to lay the foundations for the prospects he wishes to give to his future. Like the point Kandinsky is talking about, it is about expressing an invisible being, a being defined as immaterial and usually equal to zero. From this zero lie various human properties that could well prove wrong to those who advocate the death of art. For him, the death of art results from the ignorant depreciation of the bare elements and their primary forces, and parietism is life-saving, I assure you. »


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