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in the beginning was the act

Sculpture - 2017

Protocol: Bipolar box to be discovered by the viewer. The work questions the allegorical figure of Marianne and the metamorphosis engendered by its symbolization.

The work entitled "In the beginning was the act" looks at the allegorical figure of Marianne and questions the metamorphosis generated by her symbolization. Before playing Marianne, this figure was first considered as the public thing in the image of the episode from Homer's Odyssey through which Ulysses poses as Nobody before asserting his true identity. No one here embodies the collective energy that led to the revolution. Marie and Anne have seized this popular energy and are looking after the future of this new child. Once educated, Marianne will replace Nobody. Marianne's head being Capital, she organizes and composes reality according to the frames inherited from her parents. Fortunately, through Marianne's body, no one questions her. It may be that Marianne never really separated from Nobody... Marked by this long metamorphosis, Marianne's body was originally a non-place, whose symbolization was inflicted on her. The spectator is thus confronted with a bipolar box, free to change its direction and even its mind if it suits him.


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