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Performance - 2019

Protocol: The artist exposes himself and sets to work in a place dedicated to art, wearing a "society" costume.

The societies costume is the story of the artist who exposes himself and sets to work in a place dedicated to art. It is the artist who gives the viewer time to think. A time to reflect on the world and exchange ideas. The company costume is composed of three game boards.Each game board questions society at a certain level. The first is inspired by the work "Plan de table" and questions functionalism. It is the idea of a queen within a board that stops protecting the king in favour of another category of pawn.

Each counter represents a particular social status. You will have understood it, more than a game of chess, it is a question for each player to choose a system that suits him then to put it into play. More than a classic chess game, we are talking about geopolitics, about the world as a whole. The second tray is inspired by the picross. Same as sudoku, we dial. White squares, black squares, numbers. Beyond that, it is a question of law and freedom.

What place do we give to our freedom in society? Where does it stop? The third and last set proposes an alternative society system. This is civilizational planning. What if one day the individual no longer manages to use his freedom? To this end, the artist suggests a system that would aim to eliminate any prospect of the future. As you will have understood, more than an exchange, it is a question for the artist to lay the foundations for the future culture. The one where the artist returns to the heart of society.


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