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system econormy

Performance - 2021

Protocol: Equipped with a suitcase, the artist enters the stage. He places his voice (portable loudspeaker) in the middle of the room, then deploys and deconstructs a variety of social, poetic and cultural systems. All in the apparent form of a theater. Not just any theater, but Theatrum Mundi.

System econormy, 2021 Sound installation: suitcase, loudspeaker, wood, prints, foam board. Duration: 20 min. © Musée LaM, Lille, 2021, FR Phot o © Mathilde Mazars

The performance entitled "System econormy" questions the structures that surround us through image and narration - actio (playing the speech like an actor through gestures and diction).

The artist with a suitcase on which is written "Our entertainment is over" enters the stage. She places her voice in the middle of the room - the intentio (finding out what to say) - then deploys and deconstructs a diversity of social, poetic and cultural systems - the dispositio (putting in order what one has found). The whole thing takes the apparent form of a theater: the Theatrum Mundi.

The work questions all the structures. Political, cultural and social structures. Musical, formal and poetic structures. They are deconstructed - the elocutio (adding ornament to words, figures). They are then given to the public to see, to feel and to reconstruct - the memo-ria (memoria mandare, to entrust to memory).

As the performance progresses, the spatialization of the structures takes the form of Giulio Camillo's theater of memory.

The only one that allows access to universal knowledge through a mnemonic process: that of a meticulous organization of images whose order directly impacts the meaning of them.


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