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the artistic industry

Audiovisual opera - 2023/24

Protocol: L'Industrie artistique is an audiovisual opera project that questions the role of the artist in society.

Artistic industry, 2023 (Excerpts) - 3D animation, 2023. Camille SAUER

The audiovisual opera "The Artistic Industry" explores the role of the artist in society through cinema and audiovisual performance. Set in an alternative dystopian world characterized by hyper-planned architectural and industrial design, the artist contributes to a productivist industry, prompting the creation of new imaginaries through their narratives. These stories are accompanied by reflections on the artist's place in our cultural systems, the contexts of creation, and the conditions for subsistence and display.

Each scene of the opera is an autonomous entity, integrated into an overarching narrative. The settings and atmospheres vary, inspired by Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai. The piece features an avatar in the image of its creator, serving as an alter ego and spokesperson for their research. This avatar is a virtual character, the protagonist of the opera, exploring the limits of artistic creation and the connection with technology.

The audience is immersed in the thoughts of this fictitious artist, whose symbolic inquiries are reinforced by colors, architectures, and staging. The boundary between reality and virtuality blurs as one identifies with the avatar's doubts and approaches, listens to, and observes them, creating bridges between artistic disciplines, trying to find their place, forge their identity, amidst personal research and constant imperatives of their environment.


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