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Open debates

Performance - 2020

Protocol: A performance in which the artist reveals to the public the different parts of a "magic" box. Each part of the box is associated with an audio player, from which a text recited by the artist herself is broadcast.

Publicité des débats, 2019 Performance, wood, paint, metal. Collectif RPZ, Pantin, 2019, FR - Photo © David Munoz

The artist unveils to the spectator a roulette box similar to a magician's box. On this box it is inscribed "Publicity of the debates". The box is unfolded on the ground by the artist as he goes along. As the box unfolds, the artist exposes each slice of the box to the spectators. Each slice of the box corresponds to a slice of history (5 in total). A slice of history characterizes a precise moment in our society. During the performance, the spectator is thus led to cross time. In the course of this deployment, the artist unveils a second small box, which she unfolds and which contains 5 dictaphones. Each part of the box is attached to a different dictaphone. Each time a slice of history is placed on the ground, one of the dictaphones broadcasts the artist's voice which testifies to a state of the world at a given moment. As the performance progresses, the spectator thus goes to meet the artist in a previous time. The artist who was expressing himself is no longer the same as the artist of today. "Publicity of Debates" aims to take a step back from our environment, to think about the time and space we travel through, all in order to conceive the slices of history to come.


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