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the day our head fell on the world

Sculpture - 2021

Protocol: Participatory sound sculpture. Spectators insert their hands into the spaces provided and sit below the structure to listen to locally broadcast sound.

The day our head fell on the world, 2020 Sculpture, wood, paint, capsule. 50 * 50 * 80 cm. Paris, 2020, FR - Phot o © Corentin Schimel

​The sculpture is a metaphor of our condition of existence. It is a poem that testifies to its fragility and its paradox. The red, the black, the drive of life, the drive of death, the apparent radicality and binarity of things. Upstairs, the dominoes are at the edge of the sky or the precipice, everything is a question of point of view.

The work is multidimensional. It creates a bridge between the reality in which the artist is rooted and the virtual in which his avatar evolves. The access to the avatar is done through QR codes. How is the avatar less real than the artist? How to prove its non-existence?

Finally, the work is participative because culture also passes through the experience of the body. The spectator touches the invisible, he must enter the work by sitting underneath and listening to what the artist has to say. Sound is broadcast locally. The artist confides on his doubts and fears, on loss and memory. In the end, this sculpture is a permanent quest for meaning, as in life.


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