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painful representations

Video - 3"

Protocol: Through a video, the artist questions her relationship with the world and our ability to bury images in the back of her mind.

Painful representations is a video work staging the artist's inner theater. The artist questions our relationship to the world and our ability to bury images in the depths of his mind. In this video, the artist addresses the question of psychoanalysis and self-resistance. The theater encompasses the mental path put in place by the artist. This theater also raises the question of normalization, of our intrinsic will to be oneself and especially of our capacity to preserve our life drive in a system that is perpetually turned outward. So, how can we face these painful representations without risking our downfall? How not to confuse the I and the J.EUX? Such is the object of the work.

Les représentations pénibles, 2019 - Film, Durée : 2'53 min. © Paris, 2019, FR - Vidéo © Camille Sauer


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