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Sound installation & performance - 2023

Protocol: Arranged on stage, sound objects form a society. Placed in a network, they communicate, exchanging information accessible to the public through data visualization, and at the same time creating a musical and performative space.

Theatricalized Music, Sound installation, speakers, touch screens, wood & electronics, © Camille Sauer, 2023.

The project entitled « Theatricalized Music » questions the poetic potential of artificial intelligence through live performance and robotics. It places the human being at the heart of new technologies. My intention is to build my own machines to perform with them.

      The sound objects constitute a project of theatricalized music - that is to say, embodied and staged - and thus a junction point between two practices at the heart of my research: musical composition and performative space. For this purpose, I started to develop a new language and a new writing inspired by graph theory, a branch of mathematics that deals with models of networks linking different objects, at the basis of many computer developments.

            The sound objects are sculptures that materialize the junction between space, music and concept. They all have their physical origin in an invented architecture, of which they are like models. Interested in Brutalist architecture for its utilitarian character, its geometric simplicity and its deep political significance, I draw from it the forms that constitute these recomposed architectures. I associate them with different symbolism, paint them in black, red and white (colors also charged with meaning) and arrange them on the stage. Each object is sonorous and has its own signal - the work is musically situated in the wake of repetitive music, of Philip Glass or Steve Reich. But each object is also conceptual: equipped with a screen, it shows a set of digital data, a flow of language that has become an image. Enigmatic, the images are no less charged with meaning, and transmit statistical realities of our societies, through data visualization.

      Arranged on stage, the sound objects make society. Placed in a network, they communicate, exchange information accessible to the public through data visualization and create at the same time a musical and performative space. Together, the sound objects form a body to create a musical space. The music becomes a physical reality, the concept a visual form, and the sound space is also social and political.

Partition de Theatralized Music, 2023 Graph paper, tracing paper, felt-tip pens, pencils © Camille Sauer, 2023.


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