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bildnerei, beat the imagery

Performance - 2019

Protocol: In the middle of a vernissage, the artist takes his place among the crowd. Equipped with a suitcase, he unfurls his work and imposes his ideas through art.

Bildnerei, beating imagery, 2019 Suitcase, cardboard boxes, electrical tape. Palais des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Paris, 2019, FR - Phot o © Corentin Schimel

Bildnerei, beating imagery is the story of the artist who decides to fight through construction. Through a performance, he establishes his refuge from his own civilization. Equipped with a suitcase, the artist intervenes in a crowd to give way to his work. From this case is deployed a set of systems made of cardboard and within which electric wires circulate. Each testifies to the artist's own ideas and mental schemas through concepts such as politics, music, science or even Art itself. After laying his systems on the ground, the artist unfolds a roll of electrical tape and ties each system together with the same tape. She then closes the system at the very place where it had emerged: the suitcase. Like a real ritual, the artist separates the crowd and confronts them with the perimeter set by his ideas. Are the systems real or dissuasive? More than a work, it is a question for the artist to resist the images of the world around him by imposing his own. It is also about questioning the ritual and the birth of a culture. Through this ritual, the artist announces the advent of a new society, that of the artist's return to the heart of the city.


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