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it all started with two words: taki 183

Film - 25"

Protocol: Documentary film questioning the artist's ability to express himself through art in the urban environment.

Directly inspired by the phenomenon of propagation triggered by the artist Taki 183, one of the precursors of graffiti in New York in the 1970s, the project "C'est Parti de deux mots: Taki 183" aims to offer new perspectives to society through the manifestation of Art and the individual. When I speak of manifestation, I mean the ability of the individual to express himself through Art, but also the ability of Art to express himself through the individual and who at a given moment, decides to exist in the collective space. The challenge of the project is thus to find alternatives to the institution and to think about a way to get the artist out of the same institution to encourage him to express himself outside the walls. For this purpose, a platform of vehicular event is created specially designed for the urban environment. It is an individuality incubator. In other words, it allows each artist to access his or her square meter of freedom through the demonstration. It also makes it possible to initiate a culture and a "History" that is unique to it, since it bears on and within it the memory of each past, present and future event. Artists of today, artists of tomorrow but above all, committed artists from here, elsewhere and everywhere at the same time. Artists who decide to unite with each other for one evening in order to create the artistic energy that supports them.


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