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combined cadences

Performance - 2017

Protocol: A work created in two phases / two movements. A performative phase, followed a few months later by an exhibition phase. The experience of the work and the story behind it contributed to its exhibition.

Combined speeds is an interactive work that required a very important work of observation and experimentation. She was the subject of a performance for a while, then her result was exposed to the public. This work is the story of a marginal and eight civil servants, cut from the ground up to maintain social order. Their functionalism is the game they carry in their suitcase and which is made to contradict their Function. The marginal is the one who will take the liberty of drawing his square to express everything he cannot say in society. To each his own suitcase! During the performance phase, the eight officials circulate with a black suitcase in hand through the crowd, while the marginal is busy with his "business", alone in his hut with a suitcase similar to that of the officials, but red and non-functional. Public servants, on the other hand, are tired and constrained by the weight of the task assigned to them. They are the men in the shadows. We prefer to highlight by far what does not require any lighting, just for entertainment! The marginal is therefore highlighted.


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