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demonstration box

Sculpture - 2016

Protocol: The artist presents his work through mediation. Here the work depends on its demonstrator since without the artist, the work remains inaccessible.

The work entitled Demonstration Box deals with the creative process and the place that the artist decides to occupy. Directly inspired by composition breaks in the art of typography, the ideas are stored in a suitcase. This is the metaphorical form of reasoning under construction. This demonstration box in its exhibition process depends on its demonstrator. Without a demonstrator, the demonstration box is ineffective and remains silent. Furthermore, this box is about highlighting the importance of decision-making in the path we wish to take and the influence that this decision has on our ability to create. Attract / Figure / Power / Create / Experiment. These are the paths that will be traveled by the viewer. Finally, this work establishes a link between written language and musical notation. Relationship which will lead to the creation of demonstrative music.


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