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Sculptures - 2017

Protocole: Two related installations. One on the Vatican, the other on the Sagrada Familia.


Dusprima is the result of extensive research into the Vatican and St Peter's Basilica. This installation is a system of thought in its own right. It offers a glimpse into the language of an institution whose authority and influence on our world are considerable.

Protocol: "Ravir", an installation about the Sagrada Familia created during a trip to Barcelona.

The installation is entitled Ravir . The double meaning of this word highlights the many contradictions inherent in the titanic Sagrada Familia project. Gaudi's genius, with his very particular vision of the geometry of space and his extensive knowledge of liturgy, gave rise to the idea of a new church that would incorporate the values of universality and a more accessible religious education. Gaudi's death and the war that raged in Catalonia brought the project to a halt. This interruption changed the very essence of the project. The cathedral became an issue for the State, with the aim of raising its profile. The emotional charge of this place, which is very different from the Vatican, allowed me to develop a different language, specific to an institution that is very much rooted in its time and that combines globalisation and consumerism, which makes the place lose all its sacred dimension.


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