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Hand in cap

Film - 46"

Protocol: Documentary film questioning the place given to difference in society. All through a board game.

Coming from the origin of our civilizations, board games have never ceased to become more complex and multiply over time. As a real political tool, their objective is to educate the individual and ensure his or her adaptation to the civilizational system as soon as possible. It is thus a question of making individual consciousness adhere to a collective system of thought that is none other than the societal model. But then what place should be given to those who do not possess the characteristics required to play it? Is it possible for these marginalized individuals to divert the problem? Should it be enough to put them on the margins of society? In partnership with the association Acte 21, the aim is to question the notion of difference beyond disability. All this in order to find a constructive solution to the problem of board games and to enable a more open and inclusive society. Throughout this documentary, a workshop will be organized with volunteers recognized as being in a situation of disability. Volunteers will have to make their own pawn and social game throughout this interview.

Hand in cap, 2020 - Film, Durée : 45' 35 min. © Paris, 2020, FR - Vidéo © Camille Sauer


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