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Playing with a clean slate

Sculpture - 2020

Protocol: Seemingly a gaming table, the spectator takes a seat around the table. A sound recording is broadcast through 6 headphones placed around the table.

Jouer table rase, 2019 Installation, metal, wood, paint, loudspeaker. 200 * 200 * 80 cm. Palais des Beaux-art de Paris, Paris, 2019, FR Phot o © Corentin Schimel

​« Jouer table rase » is the continuation of a work entitled "Plan de table". This work immerses us in a historical moment. The one from which the fate of the world's future is sealed. To recall the work from which it came, "Plan de table", was the story of a queen who no longer protected the king because she aspired to something else. It then began to protect other categories of pawns. The work showed a social brain, a diversity of possible societal systems. « Jouer table rase », continues this reflection and sets the geopolitics of the world as a whole in perspective. Around this table, an informal conversation is broadcast via 6 headphones placed on either side of the table. This conversation is that of the one who carries the chessboard and questions different facets of his personality to think about the future of the world. The spectator thus has the opportunity to take his place and question the very legitimacy of his own civilization. Weighing the pros and cons of each system, making a clean slate, creating new perspectives for the future, that's what it's all about.


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