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the artistic industry

Installation sonore - 2021

Protocol: L'Industrie Artistique is an opera project. It's a dystopia in which Art serves Industry. To show how Art helps to reconnect with life.

Industrie artistique (Préface) Installation, metal, video, music, wood, cardboard, drawings © Adiaf Emergence, Pantin, 2021, FR. Phot o © Mathilde Mazars

L'Industrie Artistique (2021-) is a dystopian transdisciplinary opera whose first scene was exhibited at the end of 2021 during a visit to Adiaf Emergence. A total work between the visual arts and music, between the virtual and the tangible, between rationality and esotericism, L'Industrie Artistique is anchored in the most trivial realities of today's world and places human qualities at the heart of new technologies.

The Opera tells the story of a dystopia in which art is conditioned by industry. The wealth of this industry is none other than the artistic intelligence produced by the artist who works within this industry. It is about showing how art helps to reconnect with life. Art is an impulse of life within a world that pushes Man to be perpetually turned towards the outside.

Both a conceptual and sensitive project, the Artistic Industry is a sort of non-answer to the age-old question of the function and utility of art in society: the tools of Data Science - initially used to analyze concrete and often mercantile data - attempt here in vain to quantify the value of the intuitions that animate artists.


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