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Sculpture sonore - 2021

Protocol: 5 sound objects placed on the floor diffuse a set of sounds to compose a symphony.

Metamorphosis, 2021 Sound installation: Speakers, wood, prints, foam board. 400 * 400 * 30 cm © Biennale Nemo, 104 Paris, Paris, 2021, FR Phot o © Corentin Schimel

Five sound objects are placed on the floor in the exhibition space. 4 speakers complete their actions. On each sound object are inscribed diagrams inspired by sacred art and the logic of simple forms and figurative numbers. On the sides of the sound objects, computer data is represented. Indeed, the artist also working in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, it seemed essential to highlight what today crosses and influences our societies every second: the data. This data is the result of social and cultural struggles that have marked our societies at a given time. It also testifies to the impact of these struggles and human endeavors on our environment.


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