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sleeping beauty

Sculpture - 2018

Protocol: White noise in the background, a radio transmitter on one side, a receiver on the other. The spectator restores the clarity of the musical work by touch and with the help of a second spectator. The work entitled Sleeping Beauty is a work created with artist Robyn Moody. It draws its inspiration from the first attempts at wireless transmission, but also from the imagination that has developed around this emerging culture. The work aims to trigger an awareness in the spectator, that of his environment through the experience of radio waves, but also that of himself through his physical engagement in the work. The work thus presents two material elements: a radio transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other. From the beginning, and this throughout the experimentation of the work, scrambled waves are perceptible to the human ear. This white noise is actually the manifestation of a musical work that has lost its entire sound envelope. For at least two spectators, it is a question of physical cooperation to restore the radio frequency. One is placed at the transmitter while the other is on the receiver side. Everyone must then touch a small copper piece made especially for the work in order to restore the clarity of the musical work transmitted by the radio waves. In this work, the spectator becomes an antenna, he is the one who restores balance. The musical work is none other than Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni. It was the first attempt to broadcast a musical work on the radio. Sleeping Beauty reflects the need to reconnect with reality to reconnect with beauty. To do this, the fate of the work depends on the viewer. If the viewer refuses to engage in the work by letting himself be dominated by his fear, nothing happens and he cuts himself off from the experience of beauty.


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